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Digital advertising has gone from being an option to becoming a necessity for many companies, with the internet as one of the largest markets where millions of people connect daily, not being there is to stop targeting a good segment of the market.

 With VOC Digital you will be able to carry out PPC and SEM advertising, opening new horizons for your company and expanding your network of clients.

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What is digital advertising?

It is the advertising that is promoted by digital means. At VOC Digital we work with PPC and SEM. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a model where the advertiser pays a small fee each time someone clicks on their advertisement, which directs potential customers to their website which increases their traffic and increases their chances of a sale. 

On the other hand, the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) model allows you to put your business in the first Google results of certain keywords that your client searches. This ad will direct consumers to your website and with each visit a small portion of the money is still paid. With this, your company will be among the first solutions to the needs of your customers, which will positively impact your sales.

Benefits of doing your digital
advertising with us

Digital advertising can serve your business in different ways

Big profit for a small investment

The fee you must pay for each click on your advertisements is nothing compared to the earnings that this visit to your website can mean.

Doing it right will cost you less

Google Ads charge less for each click on an ad that meets certain conditions, so having a well-structured campaign will also save you money

Get more visits quickly With an SEM campaign

you can see almost immediate results, unlike other strategies to get visits to your website organically

A great way to get noticed

These strategies are widely used due to their effectiveness and usefulness.

Get more segmentation

You will be able to choose a very specific target audience to direct your advertisements and thus reach exactly the people you want.

Total control over the campaigns

You will be able to allocate exactly how much money you want to invest in your campaign and changes can be made on the fly if something does not work.

Do you want to make your company known in the digital world?

Solve all your doubts with us and meet your goals.

Frequently asked questions about digital advertising

There is no fixed rate, but on average you can expect each click on your ads to cost $ 1-2.

This depends on the specific needs of your business and where your consumers are located. On the other hand, both services can complement each other very well to increase the entry of customers to your business from different sides and make yourself known much more.

Yes, once your audience has been segmented, you will be able to choose what type of users your ads will appear to as well as to which pages and by searching for which keywords your ad can appear in the Google search engine. 

The campaign you choose will give you different metrics such as the number of clicks obtained, costs, quality level of the ad, who people respond to your ads, among others. With this you can not only measure the results of your ads but also make changes if necessary.

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