Text message marketing

The SMS marketing service allows you to send your customers short text messages with promotions, reminders, notifications, and other important information about your business. It is an effective and direct form of communication with multiple uses that will allow you to be in the know reach of your customers and facilitate many processes.

With VOC Digital you can implement in your business the tool you need to help your users, increase sales, and generate loyalty to your brand.

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What is the SMS Marketing service?

It is a technique that sends short text messages to your clients’ cell phones, allowing them to have your company in their pocket. This communication channel is very effective and allows you to send messages to specific customers to mass messages to expand your audience and reach more people. It is a great ally to streamline processes, provide convenience and agility to your consumers.

At VOC Digital we will help you make life easier for your clients and grow your business with our SMS marketing service.

Benefits of hiring the SMS marketing
service with us

The SMS marketing service brings multiple benefits for your business

Method preferred by customers

Many prefer it over phone calls and do not mind receiving these messages, having control of when to open or answer them

Fast reading assured

90% of people will read your text messages in the first 3 minutes. They are a highly effective option for communicating urgent messages

Cost reduction

Sending mass messages that reach all your customers directly has never been so economical. This method will save you money effectively

Most have cell phones now

Take advantage of this fact to reach many people, achieve fast communication and without the need for internet

Large percentage of interaction

The brevity and ease of understanding the SMS and the notification they generate when received makes them have a large percentage of interaction with their users

Boost your online commerce

You can include links and discount coupons that will increase your sales and bring more traffic to your website

Do you want to know how this service can be adapted to your business?

VOC Digital we are at your disposal to answer all your doubts and carry out projects. ¡Do not hesitate to contact us!

Frequently asked questions about our SMS marketing service

Después de recibir todo el contenido del sitio web por parte del cliente, tu sitio web de reservas puede demorar entre 15 a 30 días hábiles.

Ya que este sistema le permite crear un calendario, algunos de los negocios que podrían implantar una página web de reservas son:

  • Peluquerías
  • Centros estéticos
  • Restaurantes
  • Clínicas dentales
  • Abogados
  • Guías turísticos
  • Alquiler de vehículos

Y muchos más.

Para que tu sitio web de reservas quede lo más acorde posible con tu empresa, es necesario que le entregas al profesional en diseño de VOC Digital toda la información necesaria acerca de tu producto o servicio y datos sobre tu empresa.

La mayoría de las empresas y negocios buscan ofrecer sus productos y servicios en el mundo de la internet, pues es uno de los canales de venta de más accesibilidad a todas las personas y ofrece muchas ventajas para la distribución de tu producto o servicio; tener una página web de reserva te da la posibilidad de tener el control de todo el proceso, la información al alcance de un clic y le harás más fácil y simple la vida a tus clientes.

Siempre tendrás acceso a un gestor de contenido que es fácil e intuitivo y también contarás con el acompañamiento constante de nuestros expertos de VOC Digital.

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