Logo animation

Currently it is not enough to talk to the client with static images, the moving image is increasingly important, so the logo animation service is a good investment to add more interest to that important element of your brand. With it you get a product that can be used multiple times in formats like GIFs, and output as video intro, banners, graphics, and motion video any campaign you can think of.

Dare to explore other uses of your logo with VOC Digital and to position your brand with high-impact content.

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What is
logo animation?

It is a way to attractively present your logo by adding movement to its component parts, including transparencies, overlays, lights, shadows, masks, shapes, and extra animated elements that will bring it to life and allow you to use it in different formats.

At VOC Digital we will take care of animating your logo to get its maximum potential and add a unique touch that will accompany it in all the videos and products in which you use it.

Benefits of making your logo animation with us

Logo animation has great benefits for you and your company:

Help to brand remembrance

This investment will allow your customers to remember your brand and keep it in mind when they require your products or services more easily.

Product adaptable to different formats

You will pay for this service only once and you will be able to use it multiple times in your social networks, website, internal and external communications of your company.

Highlight your logo above the competition

Get a differentiating factor and overcome those who still do not dare to hire the logo animation service.

Details that make your content more professional

It is these details that add up in the consumer’s mind and unconsciously increase trust in your brand.

Helps establish your brand personality

Animate your logo is to enhance the voice of your brand which will allow you to express the essence of what you do in a way that connects with consumers.

Leave the work in expert hands

Do not improvise with one of the most important elements of your brand identity and let us make the best animation of your logo.


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Frequently asked questions about our logo animation service

At VOC Digital we will deliver the animation of your logo in horizontal and vertical format so that it is adaptable to multiple uses and screens.

Preferably the vector file as an .ai (Illustrator file) or a PDF.

Of course, we will listen to your ideas, always looking for the final result to be satisfactory.

It is a personalized service designed for your brand, forget about the templates that homogenize all the companies that use them, it is an animation that understands its essence and seeks to enhance it.

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