Digital Marketing

We know that for many some words and terms may be unknown, for that reason, we provide you with a glossary of what we believe are new words or terms for you, and if they are not, we will bring you the concept!

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When we speak about advertising content we refer to the pieces that will be advertised, those could be images, videos, or even animations. Those pieces will be accompanied by complementary text used further convince the targeted audience. The content created as well as the text is carefully designed to have a high impact on the targeted audience and reach objectives.


E-commerce Is a digital platform utilized to commercialize products or services offered by a company. Through the platform, consumers are able to purchase those services or products. Through this method consumers receive what they purchase at their home or they can go pick it up themselves


Also known as Key Point Indicators are there to measure the results of the marketing efforts. Those goals need to be relevant, specific, and measurable. They must be completed in a timely manner as well. Those KPI’s need to be constantly revised.


The principal objective of a landing page is to attract new potential clients to increment or better the sales; but, how is it done? Those pages are similar to a “contact us” page where the potential client leaves his information in exchange of something free (e-book, coupons, etc…). Majority of the times, the landing page is independent of the actual website. The page operates differently than the website and the advertisement is also different.


The essence of a company. It is all the minute components that make up a firm and consequently determine its behavior in the market. The marketing mix states the products, prices, places, and people among others which helps shape the organization.  We live in a competitive world and the optimal marketing mix has to be acquired to accomplish the goals of the company.


The value or values that make the organization stand out over the competition. What the firm offers that makes it appealing to the public. It is the base for a good marketing strategy since those values help identify a target public and select the correct communication method for your firm.


It is done to compare; but, what are we comparing? In A/B testing we compare factors of the advertisement process such as different call to action buttons, advertisement campaigns, advertisement content, text placed on the advertisement, among others. In VOC we utilize A/B testing to:Compare the success of 2 or more images/videos/animations during the same period for the same segmentation.Compare the success of one image/video/animation with multiple segmentations.By utilizing this technique, VOC is able to maximize the results of the advertisement and pin-point with more accuracy the target segmentation for future projects.


Known as Return on Investments are metrics given to indicate the success of the funds invested towards a goal. For instance, for every dollar invested, how many more clients were acquired.


Also known as Search Engine Optimization refers to all the activities done to improve the organic positioning of the firm; but, what is organic positioning?  Organic positioning refers to placement of a website on search engines based on the internal content it contains. Placing first in a search engine means there is high traffic of volume to your site and consequently increase sales and awareness of brand.


Known as Secure Sockets Layer is a globally certified security system that enables the encrypted links between a browser and a server to protect your information and your clients during online interactions. In VOC, SSL security is mandatory since we are going to always protect the clientele and google has preferences for sites with that security.

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