Bilingual website

Having a multi-language website will allow your business to expand the market and impact more people in the world, and your customers will be able to feel the comfort of navigating your site in their mother tongue easily and quickly.

At VOC Digital we are experts, and we will provide you with the best service so that your website has content in multiple languages.

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What are multi-language websites?

Multi-language websites are arranged for their users to translate content in multiple languages, making their navigation more comfortable, attracting them with their mother tongue and with the ease of one click for this transformation to take place.

With VOC Digital you can create your website with the languages you want, in addition to its logical structure and a modern design at the forefront of web design.

Benefits of creating your
multi-language website with us

Do you want to reach more people and give your business a more international tint? You are surely interested in this

Expand your market

Get a website that allows you to reach more people who are searching for your products or services around the world.

More customers, more sales

Use your multi-language website to expand your customer base and at the same time, your sales volume.

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Thinking of your customers

By having multiple language alternatives on your website, you are showing your customers that you care about them and their comfort while browsing your site.

Build trust

Creating business relationships in your native language is a very faithful sign of trust and credibility.


We have strict and rigorous quality controls, before launching your multi-language website, we make sure that everything is ready.

Work team

We take care of planning each stage of the process in detail, assigning each task to a specific profile.

Do you need help? VOC Digital is here to advise you

We specialize in the design and creation of bilingual or multilingual websites.

Frequently asked questions about our service

It is important that the content in the original language is delivered completed, VOC Digital will take care of translating it in the languages you request. The content will be verified by a native speaker of the language.

The structure and design will remain regardless of the language to which you want to translate it.

For your multi-language website to be as consistent as possible with your company, it is necessary that you provide the VOC Digital design professional with all the necessary information about your product or service and data about your company.

You will always have access to a content manager that is easy and intuitive and you will also have the constant accompaniment of our VOC Digital experts.


We are your marketing agency at hand, in addition to designing your website in multiple languages we can do much more for you.