Traditional advertising

Traditional media continues to be a powerful strategy to reach your customers in a closer and more tangible way, giving them the ability to interact with your brand in the real world. Whether with flyers, billboards, cards presentación, souvenirs, videos for traditional media or pieces in the press, traditional advertising will allow you to reach the largest audience found in these media.

At VOC Digital we take care of the entire traditional advertising planning and design process, guaranteeing high quality.

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What is traditional advertising?

It is a way of promoting your products and / or services through mass media such as print media, television, radio, billboards, among others. In a world where digital is constantly growing, some people forget that tradition continues to work, allowing you to reach many people and positively impact the growth of your business.

With VOC Digital you will be able to make the traditional advertising project you have in mind come true, we will facilitate the entire process with the quality of the result and your satisfaction with it as a priority.

Benefits of doing traditional
advertising with us

Traditional advertising has many advantages for your business that you should consider

Reach people beyond the internet

Not all industries and not all customers are on the internet, sometimes it is still necessary to use other means to reach these consumers.

Mass advertising

The traditional media audience is still huge, and a single ad can reach thousands of people.

Advertising that involves the senses

It is a type of advertising that can include contact, smell, sight and sometimes even taste with tastings of your products. This can generate greater recall in the consumer.

Build a closer connection with your customers

This advertising allows you to connect with your local audience at a closer level, which makes you feel.

Greater credibility

Being much older, traditional media can be more reliable for many people and what is promoted there can carry more weight

A complete and professional service

We have a team of experts who will do your advertising campaign, graphic pieces, printing, and everything your project needs


Tell us about your company and we will take care of the rest.

Frequently asked questions about our traditional advertising service

There is television, print media, radio, and billboards.

Digital and traditional are not mutually exclusive and can be a great complement to your business. Even the tech giants continue to invest in billboards and traditional media because it is bought that they are still effective. 

Not all people have access to the internet or trust it to make their purchases and find out about your business. For some industries it is easier to promote their products with physical elements, which customers can take with them without using the internet. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to your customer at strategic points like a billboard before entering a mall, in waiting rooms, or in the middle of a busy street.

This is an ideal way to reach out to a local audience, speak to them in their language, and reach them with advertisements that you can carry around like flyers or cards.

Our services go beyond this,
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Traditional advertising is only part of the services we have for you.