Social media strategy consulting services

In VOC Digital Social Media strategy consulting services is part of our day to day activities. We focus on the industry, the type of consumer, and each channel of communication provided by the medias, assuring that your brand stands out and obtains the desired results.

A social media strategy will give direction to your company. Creating your posts will no longer be a headache.

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What is social media strategy consulting?

Social Media Strategy consulting refers to advising on the type of content that should be published taking into account the type of product or service being offered, the social media to which it will be posted (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube), and the target market.

Thanks to the digitalization of the world, Social Medias are now part of our society and is mandatory to have an adequate strategy to obtain the recognition you deserve.

A strategy for Social Medias will give you all the foundations needed to create content with ease. Having a Social Media strategy developed by VOC Digital ideas will flow for all your future posts.

Benefits of acquiring a Social Media Strategy consulting service

The Social Media consulting service will provide ideas and a plan to facilitate the management of a Social Media:

Total Planning

We will provide you with a simple and easy format to create and post the content.

Find and Define segmented public

A successful strategy for Social Medias must be created taking into account all the different groups of interest identified by the organization.

Content Plan

VOC Digital will provide you with global themes from which the ideas for the posts will come from.

Full alignment with brand identity

We care about learning and understanding your brand, who you are as a company, and how you want the world to perceive you as a brand.

Goal driven objectives

The start of a good strategy is determining the desired outcome of the efforts. All plans and ideas will be created around that goal(s).

Strategy adjustments

A good strategy is one that is constantly changing for the better utilizing and taking into account the data gathered from the results.


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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Social Media Strategy Consulting service provided by VOC Digital

The strategy is created taking into account each algorithm, for this reason the format and the way in which the information is presented may vary in each social network. The interactions between brands within each of these will be very different and everything is due to the algorithm. In conclusion, each social network should be planned separately to satisfy each of them at the most optimum level.

The main groups of interest of a company refer to the target audience the brand seeks to interact with. Groups of interest could be internal staff, current clients, potential clients, among others.

A social media strategy is ready in about 7 business days. In those days we will focus on the network or networks chosen by the client, taking into account that each of these has its own parameters and differences.

The brand personality includes the visual identity of the company; such as colors, shapes that represent the brand, font type, and others. The language, the type of messages and the tone of communication with which the brand expresses itself towards its different interest groups is also part of this identity or personality.

To measure the effectiveness of a strategy, you must begin by reviewing the results of the execution. The effectiveness of the strategy can be measured by reviewing goals set for the selected parameters. This revision of the results should be done periodically to fully understand the life cycle of each social network profile.

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A solid and well-defined Social Media strategy will help your brand standout from the competition regardless of the industry.

Our experts are ready to help you develop the custom-tailored strategy your company needs to never run out of ideas of what to post again. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, the strategies created for each of those platforms will help your brand stand out professionally.