Audiovisual production is a service that helps your company tell all kinds of stories with images, using an attractive language that connects with your clients like no other medium. At VOC Digital we have a team of professionals ready to make all the projects you have on video come true, guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

 Communicate the messages of your company in an attractive way that captivates new customers and has a greater reach.

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What is
audiovisual production?

It is a service with which you can use images, videos, animations, music, dialogues and sound effects to tell everything you want to convey about your brand.

With VOC Digital you will be able to make a video record of your company events, create promotional videos, videos for social networks, website or whatever you want. We also offer post-production service to make the most of the recorded material.

Benefits of making your audiovisual production with us

Audiovisual production can benefit you in multiple ways

High impact content

Moving images are one of the most attractive languages with which you can communicate to your client, making your message have a greater impact

It is the best way to present a new product or service

It has been shown that people prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video over any other format

Complete service that adapts to your business

Each client has particular needs, that is why we adapt to the requirements of their project, and we care about reflecting the essence of their brand in the final content.

Build brand awareness

Videos attract more attention than simple text and can make it easier for people to retain in memory what you communicate to them about your brand.

Your content can easily appeal to emotions

With music and moving images it is possible to more easily reach the heart of the consumer.

Society demands this format

Audiovisual production is no longer an option for companies and has become a necessity, ignoring this is lagging behind in the industry.


Do you have a project that requires an audiovisual production service? Let's make your ideas come true!

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Frequently asked questions about our audiovisual production service

Advertising, corporate videos, event registration, videos for social networks, emails, educational content, live streams, tutorials, among others.

We are in Miami, Florida.

Despite the fact that short videos are in great demand today, the truth is that consumers are willing to watch longer videos if the content is good, so it will be the project itself that will dictate its duration.

Audiovisual production is just one part
of everything we can do for your company.

Let’s talk about your projects and find out what we have to offer.