Logo Design

Acquire a unique way to identify your company above the rest, the center of your brand identity that you can use on social networks, web pages, printed content, emails and much more creating recognition and remembrance.

VOC Digital get a timeless piece that represents the essence of what makes allowing customers recognize your business at a glance.

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What is the
design of a logo?

Logo design is an important step towards consolidating your brand. It will be what your customer thinks when they hear about your company, what will identify him on a shelf full of products or a screen with dozens of services. It is an icon, a special way of writing the name of your brand or a combination of both elements, which with the indicated colors and a powerful concept.

Benefits of contracting wit h us

Logo design is a service that can have great benefits for your business

Capture the attention of new customers

A logo is a great way to stand out from the competition and quickly communicate the essence of your brand to potential customers.

Generate remembrance

You will be able to use your logo in multiple media and this will allow your customers to associate your brand with the logo and easily recognize it at any time.

A big step towards creating your brand identity

With this service you will have the guidelines to create an identity that allows you to project your essence in all the content of your brand.

Make a good impression

Using your logo and replicating its elements such as colors and shapes in all your graphic pieces will give unity to your brand, transmitting confidence and professionalism.

Meet your customers' expectations

Logos have become so important that users are already waiting to find them in brand communications to quickly identify them.

The best service listening to your needs

At VOC Digital we will take care of providing you with a service tailored to your needs, taking into account the guidelines you establish.


Do you want to know more about our logo design service?

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Frequently asked questions about logo design

There are broadly four classes of logos: logo (composed only of words), imagotype (separate image and text), isologo (image and text make up one), and isotype (symbolic representation of the brand without mentioning it).

Our team will provide you with an easy-to-answer questionnaire where you will tell us a little about your company, its value proposition, target audience, competition, among other important information to design the best logo.

The visual references that you have considered to design your logo following the parameters that you consider pertinent, so that the essence of your company is captured and together we build a product with which you are satisfied.

At VOC Digital we will always provide you with several logo options so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and explore ideas that you may not have considered, but perfectly represent what your brand is.

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