Social media ads

Social networks have had a gigantic growth in recent years, so they are a great opportunity to make your company known to many more people, increasing your sales and the recognition of your business. Social media advertising allows you to stand out from your competitors, reach exactly to the consumer who may be interested in your brand and growing your business.

At VOC Digital we design your advertising campaign for social networks from scratch, with the help of a specialized team that will be at your disposal.

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What is social media advertising?

It’s a paid way to highlight your content for potential consumers to see, connect with your brand, and increase your sales. You can use different formats in your advertising such as graphic pieces, photographs, videos, and music. With this, you can reach your consumers with high-impact content that grabs their attention. 

Advertising on social networks requires a strategy and a prior study to ensure that the campaign meets the objectives set. At VOC Digital we have a team of professionals at your disposal, and we take care of doing everything for you.

Benefits of advertising on social networks with us

Advertising on social media has multiple benefits for your business

Full service

We are not only in the capacity to help you create your campaign but also to design the pieces, create videos, animations or the content that you want to promote

Cost reduction

A social media campaign can cost you much less than a traditional advertising campaign

Long range

Take advantage of the popularity of social media to reach the right people and have a greater social presence, gain followers and build brand awareness.

Greater segmentation

In social networks it is possible to segment your ads so that they reach a very specific audience, generating a greater impact with your campaigns

Fight the algorithms

Social media algorithms do not always benefit accounts, but with this service you can ensure that your content will be highlighted and consumed by many.

Get Valuable Metrics

With this type of advertising you will be able to know more about the people who are interested in your brand, which will help you in future campaigns. 

Still not clear if this type of advertising is the best for you?

Do not hesitate to write us! We will solve all your doubts. 

Frequently asked questions about our social media advertising service

It is not always necessary, advertising on social networks can direct your customers to your website or the networks that your company uses the most to follow you there. 

There is no one network that works for everyone, depending on the company it will be better to focus on some social networks over others. You will need to consider where your customers are, what your industry is, in what formats you would like to advertise, among other factors.

Until recently, Instagram was ahead, but now Tik Tok has surpassed it and although it will not grow the same as in 2020, it is expected to continue to lead among social networks.

At VOC Digital we will guide you through the entire process to determine to which segment of your audience to target your advertising in a way that has a positive impact on your business.

Is advertising on social networks
not what you are looking for?

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